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“NYEP helped me to get on top of the
things that were holding me back.”



Faland House – Community Living Program (CLP)

At NYEP, we’ve recognized that the number of homeless, parentless, undereducated youth continues to rise at an extreme rate. We’ve developed a Community Living Program, we call it the “CLP”, to give stability, guidance and support to young women who have shown they are willing and motivated to create meaningful lives for themselves. From basic needs like housing and food, to skills and training like problem solving, time management, grocery shopping and budgeting, NYEP’s CLP provides young women (18-24 years old) with the direction and structure they’ve been missing their entire lives. And, because we hold our young women accountable with clear expectations and outcomes, we’re able to show measurable progress as our women grow and become positive contributors to the community. This program is 12-24 months, open to willing and capable, homeless and a risk young women, 18-24 years old. You can learn more about it, here. We need an Endowment of $377,379.

Sonder House – Affordable Housing Program

When transitioning youth from living full-time at the CLP to living on their own, it became apparent that our community lacked the necessary affordable, safe, supportive housing our young women required to continue on with their life goals. NYEP established an affordable housing site for college-aged females. This house is a 5-bedroom home within walking distance of the University of Nevada, Reno. The rent is $400 per person, per month, including utilities. Residency criteria is checked monthly and there is a property management visit once per month. No drugs, alcohol, smoking or pets are allowed. This program is open to CLP graduates who can afford rent and show current evidence of residency requirements, as well as an ongoing plan to stay productive.

Truckee Meadows Housing Solutions (TMHS)–Low Income Housing (50% or less of AMI)

Truckee Meadows Housing Solutions (TMHS) was founded, as NYEP’s development arm, to specifically increase low income housing inventory. It’s first project, the Gen Den, is a 10-unit intergenerational complex. To effectively address the housing needs of the area, it will take all hands on deck, with everyone doing their part, and we’re ready to do ours!

This 10-unit housing complex will target 5 graduates of the Community Living Program, as well as 5 local seniors, who are in need of low income units. The young women and the seniors would share the site, with young graduates assisting seniors with maintenance, shopping, and other tasks, and in turn, seniors provide mentoring. This project is fully funded by our partners: City of Reno, Reno Housing Authority, Jacob Family Foundation, Lifestyle Homes Foundation, Dream Fund, and Joseph Foundation. Learn more here, Truckee Meadows Housing Solutions.

Youth Services



We meet many young women whose potential is not being fully realized, and our failure to harness that potential is both an economic and a social opportunity missed. A non-contributing youth imposes a taxpayer burden of $13,900 per year and a social burden of $37,450 per year. By age 25, they impose a future lifetime taxpayer burden of $170,740 and a social burden of $529,030.

The CLP is focused on a specific target population, is needs-driven AND saves our community hundreds of thousands of dollars in anticipated social and economic loss. At a cost of $21,000 per youth per year, the CLP is roughly the same cost as incarceration, but with polar opposite outcomes–for all involved.

were provided a safe and warm home
met high school proficiency requirements
went on to post-secondary education
were able to hold employment while attending school
of graduates leave with employment that pays basic wage or more
of graduates secure post-program housing

22 graduates have used Sonder house and 895 hours of volunteer service were provided. During the 2022-2023 year, NYEP’s CLP served 18 older female youth.