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Personal Stories From Residents & Graduates

Nina (graduate)

Nina was abused by her mother and placed in foster care at a young age. When she was 17, her social worker referred her to NYEP’s independent living program. In her words, she “pushed boundaries and broke house rules, but the staff didn’t give up on me.” She learned the benefits of adopting new lifestyle choices, including keeping a calendar, getting adequate rest, healthy eating, positive relationships, and critical thinking. “But I was in a hurry to get out and really didn’t pay attention like I should have,” she admits. Nina ended up having a child and became extremely stressed. Eventually, she landed in jail and lost her child to the system. “That put me over the edge. I fell into full depression and spent several months homeless before asking to be readmitted to the NYEP program.” After returning, Nina felt a desire to truly know and work on herself. Now, she says, “I try to give positive guidance to new residents. I work two part-time jobs, attend certificate training, and raise my son. I finally feel like I am part of a family.”


Tina had been asked to leave at 18 by her foster family. Still in high school, having nowhere to live and insufficient resources to boot, she came to NYEP for help. After moving into our housing-based program, Tina found the consistent support and peer environment she needed to finish high school and prepare for college. After attending a couple semesters at UVA on a full-ride scholarship, she returned home to be close to support. She has 2 jobs and attends UNR.


Brenda, 19, was kicked out of her home due to family conflict over her sexual orientation. She was referred to NYEP by her school counselor. She was scared and vulnerable, naïve to the world. Shortly after moving into NYEP’s housing program, Brenda completed her associate’s degree, gained a second job and joined some clubs at the college. At NYEP, Brenda received the stability, consistency and encouragement needed to finish school and maintain two jobs. Brenda is currently receiving support and training from NYEP on saving and budgeting money, self-advocacy and problem solving. She plans to move to NYEP’s affordable housing site in the future, and continue her school goals of obtaining a criminal justice degree.

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