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“Transitioning to adulthood is difficult, especially for youth who live in unsafe environments and lack support systems. Many young women in the Reno area live this reality due to unfortunate situations that have left them homeless and directionless. NYEP gives young women a place to feel safe and supported. Our staff truly cares. We teach the women crucial life lessons that change the way they view the world, and we provide the knowledge and resources for them to become self-sufficient. When these young women change their futures, they change their children’s futures, too.”

Monica DuPea, NYEP Founder

Nevada Youth Empowerment Project

(but our friends call us “N-Yep”)

NYEP gives homeless young women (18-24) in the Reno area a chance to reroute their lives through a structured program that provides housing and basic needs, life skills training, opportunities to practice new life skills, and the support and love of a family. A principle-based organization serving women.

NYEP provides its standardized, all-inclusive, housing-based independent living curriculum–called CLP–in our large, 8-bedroom home. We serve at least 15 at-risk, older female youth residents concurrently for one year. Safe housing, utilities, other basic supports, complex supports, mentoring, parental supports and skills training are provided and/or facilitated by highly skilled CLP staff, who monitor and record resident progress to help our youth become accountable, established young adults. NYEP’s CLP empowers young people to gain self-confidence, personal independence and personal growth while learning to meet their obligations and fulfill their responsibilities.

*Names have been changed to protect the youth’s identity.